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Mokume Gane is my passion with art.


      Craig's career in jewelry design, repair and fabrication started at age 19 as an apprentice in a Tacoma Washington Jewelry Store. His introduction to the ancient art of Mokume Gane came during his early years in the jewelry business. Mokume Gane translates to Wood Grain or Eye of the Wood. It was originally used as ornamentation on Samuari Swords made over 400 years ago.

      In a later role he represented his company in Tokyo Japan, got married and traveled the country doing custom restyling of jewelry. He subsequently opened a custom jewelry store in his wife's home town where he mastered the design and fabrication of Mokume Gane. He is also a Master Goldsmith and Gem setter.

     Craig's designs are all one of a kind and custom orders are welcomed.

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